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Welcome: This is for everyone that enjoys learning about the electrical trade, specifically examples of electrical problems electricians in Tempe and all the Phoenix Metro area find during service calls. It also gives you a better understanding as a homeowner on when you should call a professional electrician near you.

The following posts are real life electrical problems that I have encountered while providing my professional services as an electrician in Tempe. The good news is that none of the following electrical troubleshooting projects I completed were not left forgotten by the homeowner. The homeowners’ pro-activity in seeking an electrician near them as soon as they noticed the electrical symptoms was the factor that protected their homes from becoming part of the statistic on the yearly electrical fires recorded in Phoenix Metropolitan Area and surrounding areas like Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler and Gilbert.

Circuit Breaker Trips Every Time the Ceiling Fan Light is Turned On

A Tempe homeowner called our Sharp Electric Tempe branch with the following electrical problem. “Every time someone turns the ceiling fan light switch ON, all power is lost in that guest bedroom as well as the guest bathroom lights and the only way to restore power is by turning the light switch OFF and resetting the 15 amp circuit breaker at the main panel.” Electrical Diagnosis: The red wire powering the fan light kit had come undone and was grounded against the ceiling fan rated metal box because the splices were performed with just electrical tape. The electrical tape adhesive properties failed because of the intensive heat in the summers causing the tape to undo itself from the electrical splice. Repairs: The ceiling fan was disassembled to access the ceiling wiring and the proper orange wire nuts were utilized to redo all 4 electrical connections. If you would like to see what our latest projects and service calls have been about click here.

Overheated Light Switch was Located in the Living Room Area

Your trusted Tempe electricians Sharp Electric LLC. The following image is an example of what an overheated light switch looks like. The electrical overheating was a result of days, weeks or months of having a loose electrical connection at the switch. The overheated light switch was replaced by our Tempe electrician. Do not allow a maintenance electrical repair go unattended as it could result in a electrical fire. Pay attention to abnormal electrical behavior that may give you a clue that something might be happening such as flickering lights, plastic burning odors or electrical arcing/buzzing sounds. Reach us at phoenixsharpelectric.com or call us at (480) 531-4656.

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Electrical Issues

Your Trusted Tempe Electrician. Sharp Electric in Tempe AZ saves the day once again. The following image is of an overheated electrical connection at a GFCI outlet. This GFCI outlet was powering an above ground 120v jacuzzi tub. The electrical overheating was the result of not torquing down the wire terminations to the manufacture specifications. Another electric fire was prevented from affecting the Tempe community.

Electric Troubleshooting & Repairs

Your Trusted Electrician in Tempe AZ.  Homeowner replaced kitchen refrigerator thinking it was the culprit. New fridge started behaving the same way. The electrical symptoms described by homeowner were the following: “Refrigerator sounded like it would rev up and the inside light would alternate between dim and very bright.” The above picture is the neutral/grounded conductor of the fridge 120 volt 20 amp circuit at the indoor sub-panel located in the kitchen pantry. At the time of the service the neutral conductor was glowing red at the point of connection on the neutral buss-bar a fire hazard and accident waiting to happen. Sharp Electric LLC Phoenix once again saves the day. Are you, a family member or friend experiencing an electrical problem that has you scratching your head? NOT A PROBLEM at Sharp Electric in Tempe we specialize in repairing those troublesome electrical issues.


Electrical Services

Your Trusted Electrician in Tempe. Homeowner contacted us about an exhaust fan problem. Bathroom exhaust fan gradually started performing poorly. Symptoms of the exhaust fan were the motor would start up really slow and eventually speed up but would fail to clear the steam after a hot shower. Diagnosis: Exhaust fan motor reached the end of its operating life and shall be replaced. Sharp Electric Tempe replaced the motor and blower wheel resulting in another satisfied customer. To visit our website for more electrical tips click here.

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One of The Best Electricians in Tempe

Your Trusted Electrician in Tempe. A Tempe homeowner called and explained that they been experiencing the same problem of partial power loss to specific rooms in the home both on the second floor and first floor for 5 years. She previously hired 3 electricians to repair the electrical problem and they were unable to identify and solve the problem. Sharp Electric of Phoenix Metro was able to diagnose the issue within 15 minutes and repair it the same week. The issue was the main electrical circuit breaker and live buss-bar. Both the breaker and the buss-bar were arching-or burning. You can see the effects of the burning in this photo in the red circle. The small beads of metal indicate over heating and caused parts of the main breaker to melt.

One of Our Best Electricians Is Now Servicing Your Area

By One of The Best Electricians in Tempe. A homeowner in Tempe called with the following electrical problem: Dishwasher outlet stopped working and appliance technician didn’t find anything wrong. Our Sharp Electric LLC electrician in Tempe went out there today and found the following:

Diagnosis: The aluminum neutral conductor at the outlet was badly overheated.
Repairs: A new outlet was installed and the damaged aluminum section of the wire was cut off to ensure a good long lasting connection. If you are interested in learning more about aluminum wiring click here.

Have An Intermittent Electrical Problem That Has You Thinking Your Home Might Be Haunted?

Tempe Electrician Daily Blog & Tips. I recently received a call from a Tempe homeowner. He was experiencing flickering lights in two of the bedrooms. Diagnosis: 15A circuit breaker was arcing at the main panel. Solution: New circuit breaker was installed and original bussbar/panel slot was abandoned. If you would like to learn more about circuit breakers click here.

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