Today we will discuss the advantages of installing DC ceiling fans vs standard AC ceiling fans.

If you thought all ceiling fans that are showcased at your local hardware store were the same, apart from the fact that their physical appearance is different then you should really consider reading this. Conventional ceiling fans have been around since 1882 and have gone without any drastic evolutionary changes on design and electrical components.

The DC ceiling fan was recently introduced into the market and has quickly become a common household appliance. Now let’s analyze the reasons of why DC ceiling fan have gain so much momentum in such a short period of time.

Ceiling Fans & Aesthetics

Like we mentioned earlier the physical appearance of ceiling fans has been pretty much unchanged for over 100 years. The reason to this would be the type of motor is has been used which is the alternating current motor (AC motor) for short. After so many years the AC motor has been perfected and has reached its apex. The size of the motor and the necessary electrical components to drive it cannot be any smaller without compromising the performance of the fan. This issue limits what manufactures can do when it comes to coming up with new designs. That is how the use of the direct current motors (DC motors) was a game changer. DC motors are much smaller in size and the necessary electrical components to drive them are also more compact. This gave way to the more compact and slick ceiling fan designs we are now seeing.

Ceiling Fan Motor Noise

Throughout the years in the electrical service and repair profession I had the opportunity to hear what hundreds of homeowners think about different electrical appliances and equipment. With the ceiling fan being one of the most common appliances used in Tempe Arizona I get to hear homeowners concerns and thoughts towards it. Surprisingly one of the questions that continues to come up was if the ceiling fan they have chosen was loud. Generally a ceiling fan is consider to be on the quite spectrum of appliances but I have noticed that the humming sound emitted by the AC motor does vary a bit depending on the brand and price range. The rivalry between the Hampton Bay brand carried by Home Depot and the Harbor Breeze carried by Lowes is definitely real and it is fierce. The good news is that I am not here to force you to buy from your least favorite store. I am only here to tell you that if you are truly worried about the fan motor humming sounds especially if you are choosing a fan for your bedroom you can never go wrong with a DC motor ceiling fan. The DC motor ceiling fan has successfully reduced the humming sound emitted by the motor by 80% if not more. So please continue to buy from your favorite store, simply keep an eye out for the DC motor ceiling fans they carry.

Ceiling Fans & Energy Efficiency

With the pass of the years appliances continue to be perfected on both their design and performance. I personally believe improving the performance of appliances is what has come the furthest as time goes on. The recently introduced DC ceiling fans not only made way for more slick and higher end designs but uses about 70% less energy than its predecessor. So for those of you that care about saving on your ever all electric bill and helping the environment the DC ceiling fan sounds like a perfect fit.

By purchasing a DC ceiling fan you will be saving on your electric bill as well as helping preserve the environment. Be sure to let all of your family and friends know about the new DC ceiling fans and how they can also benefit from installing one in their home.

If you would like to see some of the available DC ceiling fans in the market click here.

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