Phoenix Electrician Tips & FAQ: Circuit Breaker Overview

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Welcome Everyone Today’s topic is on residential grade 120v/240v rated circuit breakers also known as overload protective devices. We will go over what a circuit breaker is, what is the circuit breaker role in an electrical installation and finally

Solved Electrical Mysteries By Your #1 Electricians In Tempe

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Looking To Hire a Service & Repair Electrician in Tempe? Welcome: This is for everyone that enjoys learning about the electrical trade, specifically examples of electrical problems electricians in Tempe and all the Phoenix Metro area find during

Basic Household Electrical Protective Equipment By Your Favorite Tempe Electrician

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Hi friends- We hope you are doing well. Recently this week, Kat may have over-heated an outlet, causing a small spark and the need for a fire extinguisher #multitasking. So in this newsletter we wanted to talk about the

Best Local Phoenix Electrician Valentines Day Tips

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Hey Friends-  Here Are The Best Local Phoenix Electrician Tips for Valentines Day 2019 It’s February, and you know what that means...romance, love, and overpriced boxes of chocolate. Whether you are celebrating the 14th with your crush, significant other,

Tips from Your Favorite Electrician in Tempe

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Hi friends- Welcome everyone to another one of our blogs by one of your best Tempe electricians #humblebrag. We recently bought our first condo and thought we’d share some tips regarding things we have experiences as first time homeowners.

Phoenix Electrician Near You: Aluminum Wiring Tips

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Phoenix Electrician Near You Talk Today I want to talk about aluminum wiring which I have seen 4 times this week while providing electrical services in the area of Tempe. We will cover important factors that you must consider

#1 Phoenix Electrician – Illustrated 4 Step Guide to Restore Power to Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures

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Welcome everyone, the following is an illustrated step by step troubleshooting guide created by the #1 Phoenix electrician service & repair specialist Sharp Electric. A homeowner called the #1 Phoenix electrician Sharp Electric LLC  with this electrical problem. “Every