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Our Phoenix Metro Electricians Specializations

Phoenix Metro Electricians

At Sharp Electric, we want to be there for you as your preferred Phoenix Metro electricians. We provide a full range of electrical repairs and installation services for all our clients. Whether you are a homeowner, seasonal resident or real-estate agent, at Sharp Electric we provide a variety of superior electrical services suited just for you.

Our goal as a company is to provide all of our clients with the best service; which is why we always go the extra mile and try to do same day service if we count with the available technicians as well as delivering professional results and finally providing any valuable knowledge to the client that could positively impact user-friendliness or energy efficiency.

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Electric Code Corrections

Missing GFCI Protection

Exposed Electrical Wiring

Improper Outlet Installations

Incorrect Ceiling Fan Use

Double Tap Violations

Open Knock-Out Violations

Circuit Breaker Over-sizing

Wiring Under-sizing

Use of Indoor Boxes for Exterior

Open Splices in Attic

“Our personalized services go from any type of troubleshooting, electrical upgrades, code corrections & electric repairs.”

Service & Repairs

Have an Outlet Problem?

Partial Power Lose in Your Home?

Power Loss to Pool Equipment?

Smoke Detectors Keep Going Off?

Power Loss to Your Home?

Bathroom Outlets Not Working?

Have a Flickering Light Problem?

Breaker Tripped & Won’t Reset?

GFCI is Making a Rattling Sound?

Crackling Noise at Breaker Panel?

Electric Safety

Child Proof Outlets

Night Light Switch Combo Install

Electric Panel Maintenance

T.V Outlet Surge Protection

Whole House Surge Protection

Night Light Outlet Combo Install

GFCI – Protection

Arc-Fault Protection

Ring Doorbell Install

Ring Floodlight Camera Install

A/C Surge Protection

New Installations

Interior/Exterior New Outlet Installs

120v – 240v Circuit Runs

Ceiling Fan Wire-ups

EV Charger Installation

Exhaust Fan Install/Repairs

Water Feature Electrical Run

Sub-Panel Installation

Electric Panel Repairs

Light Fixture Wire-ups

Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fan Replacements

Pendant Light Replacements

Landscape Light Replacements

Chandelier Replacements

Vanity Light Replacements

Wall Sconce Replacements

Fixed Track light Replacement

Retrofit Fluorescent Lights to LED

Under-Cabinet Lighting Repairs

Recessed Lighting


Trusted Partners

By actively listening to our customers, our hard work, and dedication has given Sharp Electric your Phoenix Metro Electricians of choice the opportunity to work alongside these prestigious companies in the cities of Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Phoenix.